Greater Wellington Regional Council aims to involve the region's community in its decision-making processes. 

As a member of the region's community, it is essential that you have the opportunity to comment on Greater Wellington Regional Council's policies, activities and priorities.

This section details information about the processes through which Greater Wellington Regional Council engages with the community and how we make decisions, so that you can effectively influence those processes and have your say on matters of importance.

Local Governance Statement

The Local Governance Statement is a requirement of section 40 of the Local Government Act 2002. Greater Wellington's Local Governance Statement for the 2022-25 Triennium is published as of 28 March 2023. Updates will be made to the pages below as required.

Use the following links to access information about how Greater Wellington Regional Council makes decisions and how members of the public can influence those processes.

Updated March 28, 2023 at 11:01 AM

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