A brief description of our rating policies

General information about rates remission and postponement

We may grant an application for a remission or postponement on all or some of the rates on land, provided certain criteria is met. These applications must be made in writing.

Please note – we can provide this service for the Greater Wellington portion of your rates bill. See How we collect rates for more information.

Remission of rates on Māori land

We may grant a remission on all or some of the rates on certain types of Māori land.

Eligible types of land include:

  • Māori freehold Title
  • General Title, but was Māori Freehold Title prior to compulsory acquisition by the Crown or a council; or converted from Māori Freehold Title to General Title under the Māori Affairs Amendment Act 1967
  • General Title and was transferred from the Crown as part of a Treaty Settlement Act
  • General Title and collectively owned by Māori, represented by certain organisations
  • Māori land under development

More information on eligible types of land and criteria for granting a remission can be found in the Rates Remissions on Māori Land Policy (PDF 52 KB) .

We invite applications – please download the application form (PDF 936 KB) and email this form and any supporting documentation to whenuamāori@gw.govt.nz. You can also download the information statement (PDF 570 KB) to learn how we deal with the information collected in your application. 

Rates postponement

We will postpone regional council rates where:

  • A ratepayer has applied in writing and
  • Can demonstrate they are experiencing extreme financial circumstances which affects their ability to pay rates and
  • The ratepayer has had rates postponed in part or full by a territorial authority in the greater Wellington region.

If granted, the annual rates will be postponed for a period of one year. The postponement must be reapplied for annually.

Remission of rates in special circumstances

Greater Wellington Regional Council may remit some or all of the regional council rates in special circumstances where it considers it just and equitable to do so. Applications need to be made in writing and contain supporting information.

Remission of penalties

We may remit a penalty where we consider that it is fair and equitable to do so, upon receipt of an application from a ratepayer.

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